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Residential Lawn Services

Mowing, Implantation, Irrigation,
Aeration, Fertilization
and Weed Control

Seasonal Mowing Programs

Artistic Landscapes Residential Property Landscape and Lawn Division Lawn provides annual lawn mowing in New York's greater Dutchess and Orange County region

Professional, Reliable Lawn Care

Maintaining a beautiful lawn takes special skill and consistent effort. Since it is common to consider the job of mowing the lawn to be a tedious chore, it is no wonder many lawns appear less than perfect. When you hire a professional to mow your lawn, many concerns are addressed to improve the visual quality of your property's appeal. Lawn experts recognize soil problems, watering issues, weed invasion, and pedestrian abuse, to name a few concerns which affect the overall look of your lawn. Our professionals can discuss solutions to promote a better overall result for your property. If your prime concern is merely to mow your current lawn without investment in any improvements, our crews are well-versed in performing that task with accuracy and professionalism to meet your needs. In fact, their skill in mowing properly will serve to improve your lawn's appearance all by itself. These include mowing at the best height, mowing on a beneficial schedule and creating and changing mowing patterns with frequent regularity.

Lawn Preservation and Implantation

Artistic Landscapes NY Designers of Exquisite Outdoor Landscape Lighting in the New York Hudson Valley region

A Healthy Lawn Enhances Your Whole Landscape

For a lawn to be the envy of your community, a professional program is recommended. Only lawn experts are knowledgeable about what most affects its success. From the correct amount of moisture to the benefits of a fertilization program, your lawn can be a big job for someone who already has a full-time occupation, or no inclination to take on its complicated responsibilities. If your lawn is in very poor condition from the start, you may be advised to consider replacement, replanting with seeds or sod in appropriate top soil, using a type of grass best suited to your environment. Your conditions will dictate what the best choice should be based on available light, moisture and natural soil pH which is affected by surrounding trees and other factors.

If having a lawn impedes your landscape plan or level of comfort in any way, your landscape designer will suggest other options which could include terraced planting beds and retaining walls, patios, decorative stone treatments, or other ideas conducive to a low-maintenance outdoor environment.


Fertilization Programs

Fertilization is a requirement to balance the soil's pH which is influenced by the lawn's surroundings or by basic soil deficiency. This is necessary to encourage new growth of your existing or reseeded lawn. Different kinds of grass need fertilization at different times of the year. Some grass benefits most from fertilization during the warm season when grass grows its fastest while other types of grass prefer to be fed during the cool season when growth is at its slowest rate. Our knowledgeable landscape and lawn experts can analyze your grass and its fertilization needs to propose the best program for your situation.

Weed, Crabgrass and Plant Disease Control

Weed and crabgrass control is better done from a preventive standpoint than a defensive approach. Just for the record, crabgrass is a weed. In fact, it is an annual, so its season is limited to one time period. The reason you may see crabgrass over multiple seasons is because seeds have been newly deposited from a polluting source and your conditions are suitable for its survival year after year. Correcting situations which breed weed growth is a better strategy for long-term success than choosing to annihilate weeds with poison and possibly everyone and everything around them. Some of these situations include compacted soil as a result of foot traffic which has killed the grass. The solution is to install a walkway or stepping stones to accommodate the need for pedestrian access. Another reason for weed growth is the presence of bare spots or weakened areas in your lawn. Addressing the nutritive and irrigation needs of these spots at the right times of the year can help revive the lawn and choke out the weeds. Finally, mowing at the correct height will also serve to prevent weed growth.


In situations which require pesticides, we apply products which comply with regulations established by the Department of Environmental Conservation. As residents of the Hudson Valley, we respect all efforts to protect the beauty and health of our homeland and the safety of its residents. In honor of scientific research which studies the long-term deleterious repercussions of the use of toxins in our environment, we seek to find suitable alternatives which perform comparable solutions without jeopardizing the health and welfare of our communities.


Irrigation Systems

Artistic Landscapes NY Designers of Exquisite Outdoor Landscape Lighting in the New York Hudson Valley region

Versatile Strategies to Reach Thirsty Roots

Every property benefits from the installation of an irrigation system which will provide the proper amount of moisture directly to the roots of your lawn which most above-the-ground watering systems fail to deliver. While this may seem like an extravagant investment, its long-term value is unparalleled. Initial costs are reduced significantly over time by savings in water usage and waste as well as time spent in addressing problems caused by drought or lack of proper care. Plus, the enjoyment you will experience with the aesthetic excellence of a gorgeous lawn far outweigh the initial inconvenience of system setup.

Dethatching and Aeration

Artistic Landscapes Commercial Property Landscape and Lawn Division offers sophisticated dethatching and aeration care for lawn preservation in New York's greater Hudson Valley region

Preventing Lawn Demise

Many of the services associated with proper lawn care and maintenance relate to removal of debris which smother the lawn. Another concern relates to creating the proper environment for renewal and growth. Dethatching is the act of removing stems, leaves, stolons, rhizomes and roots. Aeration is the process by which the soil is punctured with spikes to try to restore the lawn's health. This technique improves drainage and deters the incidence of puddles. Once aerated, overseeding can occur to bolster the lawn's thickness. .

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