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Spring is less than a month away and if you’re like most people, you are starting to think about how wonderful the warmer weather will be. But, if your property is deficient in any way, lacking curb appeal, outdoor entertainment areas, or the aesthetics you prefer, you are probably imagining how some exquisite landscaping would elevate not only the value of your outdoor space but your own self-esteem as the proud homeowner.

Of course, if you have a family, you know the hotter temperatures will bring days of stress-related discomfort, when cooling off is the only thing on everyone’s mind. And the perfect solution to that is your own pool. However, knowing your taste for magnificence, only a beautifully appointed in-ground pool will be acceptable. But, that’s a tall order of business. So where to start?

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First, is your property “pool-appropriate”? Even if your yard is on a steep slope, today’s technology can accommodate the introduction of an in-ground pool. What matters more is whether the necessary heavy equipment will be able to access your preferred site. And part of your site selection will be dependent on zoning restrictions which usually specify required setbacks, depths and fencing in addition to clearance from utility lines among other issues.


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Second, what about costs? A number of considerations will determine how much of an investment is needed. An in-ground pool with minimal patio and fencing can start at around $25,000. The more elaborate your design with additional water features and expansive hardscaping can run from $40,000 to $100,000 and up. What about property tax increases? Based on national averages, your region may be subject to as little as 5% to as much as 30% of your pool’s purchase and installation costs annually. However, many areas offer deferments and exemptions which can reduce or eliminate some of that expense. Among the most popular and affordable choices of in-ground pools, those that use vinyl liners require liner replacement within 10-15 years which allows you to concentrate on enjoyment during the life of your pool. Other maintenance costs like monthly chemicals and having a professional open and close your pool seasonally can be downright insignificant. Some increases in energy usage will also add to your expenses, but not to any major degree. While your homeowner’s insurance will cover any liabilities related to an in-ground pool, some policies increase premiums for such coverage so check with your agent on this point.


The allure of a pool's night scene can steal the heart of any viewer.
The question here is does your in-ground pool add to your property’s appeal? Many factors play into this evaluation. First, if surrounding homes also have pools or are of the type that are preferred by the upper echelon of society, probably your in-ground pool will be a positive addition when selling. One of the ways to control this appeal would be to market your home to an older, more affluent segment of the population like seniors who would likely welcome such a luxury for themselves and their grandchildren. Since the hot season is limited in our New York Hudson Valley region, this property increase will also be limited in comparison to areas which have year-round warmth. However, there are other reasons why an in-ground pool adds monetary worth. Many people, especially those within the affluent sectors, love to look at the beauty of a pool, whether day or night. While their appreciation of its pleasures include entertaining their families and friends, it is often more important that the pool be a glamorous jewel within their surrounding landscape and outdoor living area.


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Certainly, more people are opting to stay at home for their vacations instead of spending exorbitant amounts of money on pricey travel to exotic places. But even if those vacations are still part of the overall game plan, there are still plenty of days when children need activity and parents seek refuge from the drudgery of everyday life, particularly when the hot weather arrives! If you are a single individual or a couple without children, your desires are even more compelling. Whatever your circumstances, if a pool is something you and your family would enjoy during your lifetime, it stands to reason to make the investment.


Although the addition of an in-ground pool can take anywhere from four to twelve weeks in the best of conditions, there are always inevitable weather delays when work cannot progress. Your patience and understanding during these times will make the process less painful for everyone.


Your pool can reflect the limits of your creative vision.
Those options are entirely up to you and your pool professional with guidance from zoning and budgetary concerns. If you are looking to build a uniquely-shaped, oversize pool which can entertain a large group of people or just a small rendition with an attached hot tub or spa, your wish is our command. Discussing your tastes in pools with your pool consultant during our free on-site project review will answer many of your questions. Making an appointment now when it’s early in the season is a good idea so you can schedule your work in a timely manner.


Whether you are planning to add a pool or just want to upgrade your existing pool to the high standards of your own satisfaction, contact a proven landscape designer with a long history of superlative testimonials from a discerning regional clientele, one who is a consummate professional able to provide you with an exquisite proposal to take your breath away. A complimentary consultation with the innovative landscape designer, Rhett Goslar, owner of Artistic Landscapes LLC based in New York’s Orange County, can help you develop a plan which will deliver the showstopping beauty you have in mind. A master pool designer, inspired landscape artist and renowned hardscape expert with years of experience, and a highly skilled staff of equally talented craftsmen to cater to your every whim, he can be reached at or by calling 845-542-6723.