The Best Inground Pools from New York's Artistic Landscapes

The Best Inground Pools from New York’s Artistic Landscapes

For many people, an inground pool has been a lifelong desire, one that may have seemed out of reach for a variety of reasons. First, a certain level of net worth probably was a major factor along with the right residential setting and a compelling incentive to finally take the plunge.

In some situations a pool can be a wise investment into escalating the value of your home if it provides the right aesthetic appeal to a new owner or if your location exudes the kind of expectations that an affluent buyer would be seeking. But, in most cases, the addition of an inground pool is more about the pleasure it will deliver to you and your family for the special times of your life. It will serve as your own vacation getaway, your ideal social setting, your retreat into peace and tranquility, and your personal source of pride in the beauty of your estate.
A custom-designed in ground pool by Artistic Landscapes of New York's Hudson ValleyWhile your reasons may be as diverse as creating a family entertainment center, a uniquely attractive party environment, a fitness diversion or a romantically strategic focal point in a grand landscape design, anyone with any reservations about embarking on such a journey knows that finding the right contractor is probably one of the most critical factors in assuring a successful outcome.

And rightly so! With several types of inground pools to decide upon, your contractor should be able to advise you of the best choice for your location, your needs and your budget. If the pool will ultimately be just one component within a total landscape plan, your considerations should cover the overall expenses involved with creating a deluxe outdoor living environment. This could include outdoor culinary center, ample patio space, as well as fire pits, water features and dramatic lighting as accents to visual planting magnificence. In addition, there will be fencing and safety requirements stipulated by local building codes. Wise long-term planning should also encompass research into your insurance coverage. Finally, add in your preferences concerning energy consumption and year-round maintenance for such items as pumps, heaters, filters, covers, water treatment and cleaning. Despite all the necessary planning, with the right choices, owning an inground pool can be an affordable luxury well worth the initial project investment.
A custom-designed lap pool with accompanying spa by New York's Artistic Landscapes complemented by a beautiful paver stone patio and inspired landscaping.
If you live within the New York Hudson Valley region and your budget will be defined by a grand plan to create the perfect outdoor environment, your best choice of inground pool will probably be determined by affordable cost. Overwhelmingly, a vinyl-lined pool meets this criterion best while accomplishing all the major parameters most people will require. Since it can satisfy the classic shape of a rectangular sports or lap pool as easily as a custom-designed curvaceous free-form style, it has become the most popular choice among people living in the Northeast. Additionally, it can also combine creative form and specific function within an L-shaped design or the inclusion of a hot tub or spa. Furthermore, it adapts to our cold winters with a smart regimen of upkeep. As a result, it allows you to include other components like scintillating water features and provocative lighting during the construction process, when they are most easily added. Deciding to add those details later can be much more cost-prohibitive.

A second popular choice of pool falls into a more mid-range of pricing but carries multiple limitations. This is the fiberglass pool. What makes it attractive is its quick installation, smooth walls and excellent resilience over the long-term. However, many people find its constraints discouraging because of narrow width and shallow depth, meager range of designs and shapes, and higher initial cost compared with that of the vinyl option. Rather than being constructed on site, this type of pool is completely built under factory conditions, delivered by truck and lowered into your previously prepared, excavated setting. For some people, this is ideal. For others who may prefer a diving pool or a larger, more impressive size and design, the vinyl becomes their ultimate choice.
A lovely spa set into a custom-designed patio of paver stones by New York's Artistic Landscapes
The professional experts at Artistic Landscapes LLC based in New York’s Hudson Valley are a coveted source of landscape beauty. However, what sets this company apart from all others are its countless endorsements and recommendations by a discerning roster of highly affluent clients who have experienced first-hand the reliability, advanced skills and attention to detail shown during major landscape projects including custom-built inground pools.

With an accomplished in-house crew of seasoned pool experts who use proven knowledge and techniques to assure the most formidable construction built to stand the test of time, this is a company that takes extreme pride in every job it takes on. Orchestrating the project through the many inspections mandated by your town’s building codes, the crew presents each phase to consistently comply with all specifications and exceed the level of quality expected by professional engineers and regulatory supervisors. From its vast experience in proper site preparation; its conscientious plumbing and electrical work; its meticulous scrutiny during critical installation operations; to its profound knowledge of efficient drainage, impeccable grading and outstanding finishing details; a pool installed by these professionals is a work to behold!
A curvaceous inground pool design featuring a built-in spa and swim-up bar enhanced by a large paver stone patio and plenty of beautiful landscaping all by New York's Artistic Landscapes.

The company’s pool projects spring from a range of impressive custom designs which materialize from homeowners’ visions as shared with and interpreted by Rhett Goslar, owner and chief landscape designer of Artistic Landscapes LLC. He has an uncanny ability to translate even the most unusual fantasy into a realistic solution that pleases the eye as well as the dreamer who imagined it. As a result, Artistic Landscapes has become a company people rave about. Able to build styles people drool over is the key to this phenomenon.
A classic sports pool custom-built by Artistic Landscapes of the New York Hudson Valley

Known for his down-to-earth common sense, his obvious work ethic and ability to satisfy even the most demanding clients, Rhett Goslar understands what is important to homeowners. In addition to responding to requests for in-ground pool designs complemented by all the frills that produce the wow factor everyone seeks, he also offers ongoing pool services to keep the pool investment something everyone can enjoy all year long.

For those considering a pool project or the design and implementation of a new landscape plan, Rhett Goslar at is available for a free consultation at your site so you can discuss your goals and ideal visions. Call 845-542-6723.