A hyacinth parade celebrating spring's arrival at this elegant lakeside paradise.

Inspired Gardens in New York’s Hudson Valley

“A rose is a rose is a rose…” This famous quote from the poem by Gertrude Stein aptly describes the essence of a garden. Whether your flowers are petunias, lilacs, poppies or daisies, each one has individual appeal all its own. From fragrance to color to delicacy, flowers are precious in every sense of the word.

Artistic Landscapes offers outstanding skill in garden design.

But to create and maintain the ideal garden, one that wows the viewer with excitement and pleasure, there is a need for both scientific and artistic talents beyond reproach. And this blend of skills is not easy to come by. Think of the variables involved!

The ever-changing availability of light in fluctuating degrees of intensity; the need for the appropriate amount of moisture; the pH balance of the soil; the temperature differences as the seasons change; the annual cycles for perennial blooms; the rigors of deterring weak, spindly stems with well-timed pinch-backs of tender shoots; the diligent deadheading of expired blooms to encourage future replenishment; the disciplines of compost and mulch; to name just a few! Add to this list the challenges of extreme weather conditions ravaging parts of our country with severe drought, excessive heat and damaging storms, coupled with the deleterious effects of irresponsible use of pesticides impacting our environment and endangering our crucial pollinators like bees and butterflies. This begins to give you a full appreciation of the difficulties of this task.

A hyacinth parade celebrating spring's arrival at this elegant lakeside paradise.

The professional experts at Artistic Landscapes LLC based in New York’s Hudson Valley are a coveted source of landscape beauty, not just for their elegant stonework, glamorous water features and landscape lighting; or their multi-faceted expertise in creating your outdoor living environment complete with culinary centers and fire pits; but for their inspired and exquisite command of the year-round floral panorama.

While perennial gardens can be quite formal, complete with carefully spaced planting beds which bloom in radiant color at various times of the year, as well as the dramatic presence of unique sculpture, lighting and water features as accents, some of the latest trends are showcasing fields of wildflower designs to emulate nature’s own brand of style. Of course, with any perennial garden design, there is the need to allow enough time for maturity and multiplication to realize the full potential of color saturation, contrast and synthesis with other residing elements meant to complement.

Since annuals also have a critical role in garden excellence, particularly because of their season-long rhapsody of brilliance and ever-present dominance of character, they can be very effectively used to bridge the gap between the perennial blooming parade to provide a vibrant focus in the garden all season long.

In New York’s Hudson Valley, we also face the maddening prospect of deterring the invasion of ravenous deer who make it a habit of preying upon certain floral favorites just as they get ready to bloom. And, if your residence is in close proximity to a lake or a pond, there is the additional risk of losing any number of expensive landscape specimens to intruding beavers who choose their delicacy du jour from pricey weeping white birch trees to beloved dwarf red maples – leaving the paltry remains of their cruel handiwork strewn about for the full impact of your shock and horror!

This stairway to heaven offers an intoxicating fusion of fragrance, color and style.

While the majority of perennial gardens rely on full sun for best results, there are lovely alternatives which can tolerate a shaded environment. These include astilbe, bleeding hearts, spirea, vinca, phlox, hydrangea and rhododendron, among many others. And, luckily there are ample annuals to choose from which can also thrive quite well in deep shade, which can deliver a full spectrum of color to satisfy your craving for a consistent display. Select from a full range of impatiens, begonias, fuchsia and pansies, among a long list of other choices.

This mature salvia garden provides a rich magnificence for this historic home amidst limestone dragon sculpture, bird bath and decorative, wrought iron outdoor furniture.

All of this requires forethought and a proactive plan to control the various heights; colors; soil, light and moisture requirements; bloom times and sometimes hideous aftermath; so that the next batch of perennial blooms as well as adjacent annuals serve to offer aesthetic harmony and desperately-needed camouflage to maintain the garden’s overall magnificence all year long. And because the year includes the inevitable winter months here in the Hudson Valley as well as the devastation of plunderous intruders, such floral designs often include a careful choice of evergreens, flowering shrubs and ornamental trees not only to repel pests but to add interest as the seasons change.

Rhett Goslar, owner and chief landscape designer of Artistic Landscapes LLC, has received rave reviews from homeowners for whom he has designed exquisite gardens both in conjunction with a new surrounding landscape environment which may include patio, pool, and extensive outdoor living space as well as singular garden statements within a client’s existing property layout.

When asked about whether he offers such homeowners the convenience of long-term garden maintenance programs to assist sometimes busy professional people who wish to return to a groomed and healthy display of floral splendor after a long day at work, he said: “We provide garden maintenance services to any customers who have invested in our garden designs as well as our landscape installations. It is our goal to keep the entire environment thriving all season long.”

For those considering a garden project or the design and implementation of a new landscape plan, Rhett Goslar at http://www.artisticlandscapesny.com is available for a free consultation at your site so you can discuss your goals and ideal visions. Call 845-542-6723.